Police: Home intruder watching women sleep in their beds

SEATTLE (FOX NEWS) – A Washington woman is literally living a nightmare after she woke up to a man at the edge of her bed.

The woman is afraid to close her eyes at night and, this is not the first time the suspect has broken into an area home to watch women sleep.

“We wake up in the middle of the night and adrenaline is going, even though nothing is wrong,” Brian McCartney said.

For most young couples, the bedroom is a place of safety and comfort.

For Jericka Northness and McCartney, nothing feels safe anymore.

“It`s traumatic.”

Early Thursday morning, Northness says she awoke to see a man’s feet from her bed watching her and her boyfriend sleeping.

“I started hitting him like wake up wake up and he started to wake up and at that point, he started to walk away,” Northness said.

Northness says he didn`t run. He walked out the back door and into his car.

“It seemed like all he was interested in was just watching us sleep.”

The couple called 911 and after an investigation learned they are believed to be this suspect`s 7th victim in a matter of months.

Mason County Sheriff`s Department describes the serial intruder as between 5’10” and six foot, with a medium build, and shaggy brown hair.

Northness says he`s white, most likely in his mid 20`s early 30s.

“He`s definitely not someone I recognized or have seen before.”

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Law enforcement say all of the man`s victims have several things in common – they work in fast food or coffee shops, they`re between 17 and 22, living with someone else, and post actively to social media.

Anybody can be a target, especially girls, especially girls our age.”

Northness refuses to be a target again and installing alarms, getting a dog, and other safety measures to put their minds at ease.

“It`s really cheap, we got two of them. One for our front door and one for our back door. It just makes you feel like not fully safe anymore.”

They’re hoping the man gets caught before anyone else wakes up to the same eyes at the edge of their bed.

“It will just get to the point where it’s going to be anybody anytime. Anytime he wants.”

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