Case of whooping cough confirmed at Bethlehem Central Middle School

DELMAR, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany County Department of Health confirmed that an individual at the Bethlehem Central Middle School has pertussis (whooping cough).

The school says the person has received medical care and close contacts to the person have also been identified and treated.

The school says the likelihood of your child being exposed to pertussis through interaction at school is low.

On Monday, the school sent a letter home to parents alerting them of the symptoms of pertussis.

Symptoms of pertussis begin with cold-like symptoms that may include a low-grade fever and a mild cough. After one to two weeks, the cough becomes worse and an individual may have coughing fits followed by vomiting, difficulty catching their breath and fatigue.

The school says if a child develops a persistent cough, for a week or more, should be evaluated by a healthcare provider.

Children diagnosed with pertussis cannot return to work/school/extracurricular activities until five days of antibiotic treatment or the health department gives approval.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact their child’s healthcare provider, the school nurse, or the Albany County Department of Health at (518)-447-4640.

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