NY lawmakers return after two-week break

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York lawmakers are back following their two-week break after negotiating the state’s budget that was a week late.

Packets include items for both discussing and potential votes on each session day. While there’s plenty to go through on lawmakers first day back, one stands to Senator Fred Akshar.

“I think the healthcare system is so big and this issue with heroin and opioid addiction is so pervasive and complex, that sometimes there’s a breakdown in communication,” Sen. Akshar, of the 52nd Senate District, said.

Currently, if you overdose on prescription drugs or controlled substances, you’re likely rushed to the emergency room or hospital to get treated.

You recover and you’re on your way, but Sen. Akshar says that’s where the communication stops.

Drug companies have no way of knowing you overdosed, whether accidental or intentional.

“The reforms of last year in terms of opioid prescriptions, very good step in the right direction and this bill is just taking one additional step to ensure that all parties are communicating.”

Sen. Akshar co-sponsors a bill that would require emergency rooms and hospitals to report an overdose to the drug company once they treat a patient.

“It’s clearly not happening on a regular basis now. Mandating the conversation may help us get to a solution where this is not such a big problem as it is today.”

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