Mother of daughter killed in fatal Lake George boating crash testifies

Credit: Tom Lafleur

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Testimony continued in the Alex West trial on Monday.

The mother of Charlotte McCue got up on the stand today, at certain points she could not hold back tears and cried out in pain as she had to recall what happened the night last July when

Police say Alex West while driving a boat struck the McCue family’s wooden boat on Lake George, killing 8-year-old Charlotte.

While recalling the night that started out as a nice family outing on Lake George Courtney McCue told the jury that her daughter Charlotte was sleeping on her lap and the next thing she saw was a boat flying through the air.

She remembers screaming “Omg, Omg.” And then “I’m hurt. I’m really hurt.”

McCue says a family member in the boat called 911 and as they pulled into their boathouse she told the jury, “I looked to my left and Charlotte wasn’t responding she was really hurt.”

McCue began to cry loudly in court.

She says she unclipped Charlotte’s life vest and tried to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She then told jurors that she noticed her own clothes were ripped and the side of her body was ripped open in big gashes. She says her two other children were screaming and that she still has a bruise on her from where Charlotte was laying on her when the boat struck her.

Police say Alex West was driving that boat. On Monday, the prosecution called a state police investigator who says she executed two search warrants on the boats, the McCue’s wooden boat. Police say West was driving had damage from the crash,

The investigator says she took photos of an unopened Jack Daniels bottle on the floor of West’s boat and a container with fruit that smelled like alcohol. An empty bottle of Corona beer was also allegedly found.

A forensic scientist who testified says white powder found in West’s boat was identified as cocaine.

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