Rep. Paul Tonko hosts town hall at Skidmore College

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Congressman Paul Tonko held a town hall meeting Thursday and said the United States should develop a strategy for dealing with the developing crisis in North Korea.

Tonko held the town hall at Skidmore College. His staff live streamed it on Facebook.

There were no loud and disgruntled voters like what has been seen in many other congressional town hall meetings. But those in attendance had very direct questions for the democrat from Amsterdam.

Tonko told his constituents he’s concerned about a federal government shutdown next week if the budget does not get passed. He also addressed people’s concern with the saber-rattling over the nuclear military crisis developing in North Korea.

Tonko wants a steady approach instead of the muscle flexing many perceive within the Trump Administration.

“And until you develop that strategy and that plan inserting these reactionary efforts, there’s not a context in which to discuss it or review it,” he said. “So I think a strategy; what is the plan, including what the partnership is with our allied forces, we can’t go at it alone.”

Tonko also answered questions about Upstate New York’s heroin epidemic and opioid epidemic, cuts to Planned Parenthood, his Science and Integrity Act bill, and the failed healthcare bill.

Tonko is the only democrat among the four members of Congress in our upstate region.

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