Mom accused of faking her child’s death for money

CARSON CITY, Nev. (CNN) – A Nevada mother is in trouble with the law after authorities say faked her child’s death.

They say the child had a treatable illness more than a year ago, but that mom convinced the boy and the public he was terminally ill.

The 10-year-old boy’s name or face is not being shown.

“Keep fighting and don’t stop. Never? Never. No. Never,” The boy said. “Never. Don’t stop fighting.”

He was treated to a Ride in Care flight and was the star of Carson’s Holiday with a Hero event.

The reason? He had leukemia and was only supposed to live another few days.

“It was so uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t change it,” The boy’s mother Victoria Morrison said.

Morrison spoke to us at the time.

Deputies say she is the mastermind behind a scheme that convinced the public and the boy himself that he was sick.

She even went as far as to announce on Facebook that the child had died on April 8th.

“She had a memorial service for her child. She had done everything to at least make it appear on the surface that the child had actually died,” Sheriff Kenneth Furlong said.

It turns out,  the boy didn’t die and he doesn’t even have leukemia

“The child’s life is not threatened whatsoever,” Sheriff Furlong said.

Deputies made the discovery last Friday when a family friend grew suspicious.

The boy, his siblings, and their stepfather were all found in a South Carson Street motel.

“On a scale of 1 to bizarre, this one is bizarre.”

Police say all of this was a ploy to get money.

Morrison allegedly collected at least $2,000 on a GoFundMe, profiting off her son’s fake illness and fake death.

Police say Morrison was initially arrested for burglary and obstruction, but now faces felony fraud charges.

The sheriff says she and others could face more charges as the investigation continues.

The boy and his siblings were released to child protective services.

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