Oklahoma training track now open for the season

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The horses in Saratoga Springs are officially up and at ‘em at the Oklahoma training track.

Thoroughbreds have begun trotting around the track, getting a slow start to their workout season in preparation for the Saratoga meet which runs from July 21 through September 4.

Before, and during, the meet the horses use the Oklahoma track to work on conditioning, speed, timing, and anything else that could give the horse and jockey a better shot at winning the big race.

Each horse’s individual workout is based on conditioning them for the specific race in which the horse is competing, the level at which the horse is expected to perform, the timeframe in which to train, and the horse’s previous conditioning for the race.

The work the trainers, jockeys, and horses put in now will determine who ends up in the winners’ circle this summer.

If you want to come and watch the action at the Oklahoma track for yourself, head to the Whitney viewing stand where spectators are allowed a clear view of the entire track from an elevated perspective.

The viewing stand is open on weekends only, from now until the Saratoga meet starts on July 21. During the meet the stand will remain open during the week as well.

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