NY reps support bill that would allow gun owners to carry across state lines

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A proposed bill would make it easier for registered gun owners to travel with their gun across state lines.

It’s called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. If passed, it would allow licensed gun carriers to abide by their state’s laws when traveling to other states regardless of that state’s laws.

People are fired up on both sides of the argument.

Paul Catucci said it’s sort of like driving a car.

“Well, it’s just like your driver’s license,” he said. “You can drive a car in Vermont; you can drive a car in Massachusetts; you can drive a car in Ohio. Why isn’t that if you can carry a gun legally in New York State, why can’t you carry it anywhere else?”

Catucci is the president of the Pine Tree Gun Club in Johnstown. Currently, if you come into New York with a legal gun from any other state, you can face tough penalties. But many times, gun owners don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong.

“Every day we run into a new hurdle,” Craig Serafini said.

Serafini is the owner of Upstate Guns and Ammo in Schenectady. He said his customers are constantly confused about what rules apply when crossing state lines.

“You’re willing to go through the process; you’re willing to follow the rules,” he said. “There’s no reason you should be punished just because you moved a couple of feet in one direction or the other.”

For example, Texas and Florida have looser laws on gun control. If someone is traveling from one of those states to New York, which has stricter rules, they could face major punishments – for something they didn’t know was wrong.

Serafini said that’s not fair.

“That’s why we need  a true reciprocity, so a person can travel and not cross over a state line and become a felon,” he said.

Currently Rep. John Faso and Rep. Elise Stefanik are pushing for the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. But some don’t believe that’s the answer. If you do go to another state, knowing the rules are your responsibility.

“If you’re going to a different state, you should know what kind of laws are regulated in this specific state. You should comply with them, and you should be responsible for them.”

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