Halfmoon police standoff comes to a peaceful conclusion

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A nearly 20-hour-long armed “standoff” ended around 8 a.m. Monday on Fern Lane in the Halfmoon Heights Trailer Park.

The suspect is now in police custody.

The original call came in around noon on Sunday.

State Police say this all started as a domestic incident when Mike Davis arrived for a custodial exchange and he brought a weapon.

They say he has not come out of the home since and he’s been suicidal.

State Police say Davis fired three or four gunshots inside his home this afternoon. Just after 8pm, he fired one shot at police.

Police fired tear gas for two hours and also fired a flash bang but he still didn’t budge.

People living here still can’t get back to their homes and this is not the Easter they had hoped for.

Lurenda Tedrick’s holiday started out great. She and her family went to church and enjoyed the weather outside. But when they came back home after a few hours later, this is what they’d see.

“We couldn’t get into our home,” said Tedrick.

The Saratoga County Sheriff says a standoff was taking place so Tedrick’s kids couldn’t get their gifts from the Easter bunny.

“Everybody here wants to go in their home and enjoy their holiday and they can’t,” said Tedrick.

Michele Beatty says she saw the man draw a rifle through his window and that he’s caused trouble before, just last week.

“This isn’t the first time or second time or last time,” said Beatty.

Tedrick says he lives with his wife and three kids but that they weren’t home during the incident.

“He seems very loud and aggressive and you know he has his outbursts screaming sometimes, you can hear him from my home,” said Tedrick.

Both Tedrick and Beatty have lived at Halfmoon Heights for years. They call it a quiet neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

“I’m not really scared to live here because this isn’t normal,” said Beatty.

But they say they have concerns about this man.

“You want the kids to be all safe around or neighbors and friends and children,” said Tedrick.

At this point, they’re hoping for the best.

“Hopefully we can, this will be the end, you know we can all get back to our lives and be a good community here,” said Tedrick.

State Police say the man was arrested 11 days ago for Criminal Contempt for violating an Order of Protection and was released on bail. They hope to bring this to a peaceful situation.


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