Man accused of injuring Niko Dinovo in fiery crash pleads not guilty

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The man accused of injuring a 16-year-old in a fiery crash appeared in court on Thursday.

Michael Carr, 19, of Colonie, N.Y., was not sent to jail on bail on Thursday. He will instead remain on probation for now and cannot drive.

Carr is accused of severely injuring Niko Dinovo in a fiery crash in October of 2016.

He was escorted by family and friends pleaded not guilty to a nine-count indictment, including charges of assault, vehicular assault, aggravated vehicular assault, DWAI, and reckless driving.

The prosecution claims that on the night of October 28th Carr was allegedly driving his BMW under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when police say he crashed into a parked car while speeding. Police say the crash caused both cars to crash into Blessings Tavern and catch on fire.

According to Dinovo’s family, he is fighting for his life in the hospital and has had more than a dozen surgeries since the crash. Doctors say he is suffering burns to 95 percent of his body.

The District Attorney’s Office requested Carr be held on $75,000 bail and told the judge that Carr is a flight risk. The prosecution claims Carr tried to flee the scene of the crash until a witness allegedly stopped him and when asked if there was a passenger inside the car the prosecution claims he did not respond. Tavern patrons say they found Dinovo running around on fire.

Carr’s lawyer says he did not attempt to flee the scene.

The next court date has not been set.

When asked about Carr’s court appearance, the family of Dinovo said on Wednesday that Niko is, of course, their main concern and that the family is gathered at his bedside praying for him.

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