Ride-sharing services coming to Saratoga weeks before track season gets started

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Uber is slated to arrive upstate just by the busy summer season in Saratoga.

In early July, just before track season when Caroline Street here is packed with patrons visiting bars and restaurants. Now they’ll have another option to get home.

“We want to be as competitive as every other city in New York State,” Mayor Joanne Yepsen said.

Mayor Yepsen praising the approval of bringing ride sharing to upstate New York.

“This is going to keep Saratoga Springs a vibrant tourist destination and make it more convenient for people once they’re here.”

The law allows Uber, Lift and other ridesharing options in the city becomes effective July 9th. That just weeks before Saratoga’s busy track season.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for local bars and restaurants on a packed caroline street where getting a cab is often a struggle in the summer…

“That extra time that they can spend in establishments instead of flagging down a cab is great you know they can sit there and keep track of it on their phone,” Brendan Dillon, co-owner of Hamlet and Ghost, said.

Dillon’s bar is relatively new, and he’s still making kitchen updates from a fire next door on Thanksgiving. He believes ride sharing will bring his business an added boost in the summer.

“I think from just a bar owners perspective anything you can do to make people feel like they can come down be safe get home without problems is a good thing”

Mayor Yepsen says she believes there will be enough business in the summer for everyone.

“I think everyone’s going to have a role to play it’s just we needed to expand to make it more convenient for people that are so used to going to cities and having it there”

In addition to safety and convenience, Mayor Yepsen says ridesharing is also a great job creator for people in the area.

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