Crash survivor Niko Dinovo continues fighting for his life

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The accused driver in a fiery crash that nearly killed his passenger is expected to be arraigned in Albany County Court on Thursday.

On the night of October 28, police say 19-year-old Michael Carr’s BMW smashed into Blessings Tavern in Colonie, it created a fire wall.

He made it out. His 16-year-old friend and passenger, Niko Dinovo, was found by Tavern patrons running and on fire.

He was flown to Westchester Medical Center with third-degree burns over 95 percent of his body.

“It’s real serious. It’s hour by hour right now.”

Niko’s older brother Michael, speaking from the burn unit, said at first the doctors gave Niko a one percent chance of survival.

“Actually if you look it up there’s not too many survivors of 95 percent burns. He’s going to be one of them.”

Michael believes he’s going to make it, but it’s been a rough six months. Niko has endured 16 surgeries, mostly skin grafts. The last one cut short because the doctors didn’t know if his body could take it.

He says his little brother’s heart is enlarged, his organs are failing, and he is now on dialysis.

“It’s very serious to where family and friends are coming here. We got to rally around him and pick him up and he’s not stable enough to do surgery.”

While Niko’s family remains at his bedside, Carr is said to be with his own family in Colonie. No one answered at their home.

Carr is facing charges of vehicular assault and driving while ability impaired by drugs.

On Thursday, the district attorney’s office says he’s scheduled for another arraignment. This time on an un-sealed grand jury indictment.

Justice is by far the least of concerns for Niko’s brother.

“To me, I don’t really care about what’s going on with him. I’m just worried about Niko, especially because it’s hour by hour. What I’m doing is praying…I don’t have time to think about that.”

Nothing remains of Blessings Tavern as it had to be torn down.

Carr is due in Albany County Court Thursday at 9 a.m.

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