Evidence hearing held in deadly Lake George boat crash

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A pretrial hearing for a man accused in a deadly boat crash on Lake George was held on Tuesday.

Alex West did not want to talk to me outside of court but his lawyer Cheryl Coleman is asking for a venue change. She says that’s due to evidence in the case being made public.

Some evidence that cannot be used at trial, but a judge did decide on Tuesday that interview video of West can be used in the trial.

“I love you buddy. Tell the truth,” Alex West’s father Martin West said.

That’s the video of Alex West’s dad Martin saying goodbye to him moments before Warren County Sheriff’s investigators interviewed him about the night he crashed his speedboat on Lake George into an antique boat carrying a family and killing 8-year-old Charlotte McCue, of California.

The fatal crash happened the same day police say West was allegedly drinking and using illegal drugs at an annual party known as Log Bay Day. Police say blood tests that cannot be used in court showed West had cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in his system hours after the crash.

The judge decided that this Interview video of West will be used at trial.

“I’m okay, just shooken up, very scary,” Alex said. “I spent my whole life on that lake and never anything like that has ever happened to me. It was really scary and we didn’t know what to do.”

Coleman says her client is innocent.

“This was an accident and I just ask you to keep in mind please the presumption of innocence that our law affords him,” Coleman said.

Coleman has requested a change of venue for the case.

“We made it very clear in the motion we didn’t think that anywhere really within this media market could be an appropriate venue,” Coleman said.

The family of Charlotte were in court on Tuesday. They said they had no comment.

Another pretrial hearing is set for Friday.


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