Toddler’s unwitting close encounter with venomous snake caught on camera

VICTORIA, Australia (WCMH) — It’s normal for Bianca Dickinson’s children to see snakes. The family of 6 lives on a grain and sheep property in Western Victoria, Australia, where snakes can often be seen in the road or around the family’s beach house.

As TODAY reports, Dickinson’s 2-year-old daughter Molly had a very close encounter with a venomous snake during a quick photo shoot. Dickinson had Molly and 4-year-old Harry at the bus stop as they waited for the two other children to come home. She took a photo of Molly for the family’s Instagram account and says she “saw something move.”

“Because it was so windy, I assumed it was bark falling from a nearby tree,” she told TODAY. “I looked up to see where the bark had fallen and then saw the snake.”

A large Eastern brown snake, the second most venomous snake in the world, had gotten in the photo with little Molly.

By the time Dickinson spotted it, its tail was near Molly’s feet.

“At that point, all I wanted to do was run and grab her,” Dickinson said. “However, it was still really close to her, and I thought if I did that it might turn back and bite her.”

As soon as the serpent was far enough away, Dickinson grabbed Molly and ran to the car.

She says Molly didn’t notice the big snake.

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