Mysterious rooster struts his way around Albany neighborhood

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A rooster has made himself at home in an Albany neighborhood to the delight of some residents and the dismay of others.

On an average day on Parkwood Street, you’ll see kids and their parents playing outside, people walking their dogs, or people doing construction on their homes.

But that’s not the only thing.

“He scared me for the first time coming out from underneath my bush about a month ago,” Michael Fluster said.

Fluster is a landlord who owns several homes on Parkwood. Last month, he ran into a rooster, who some people have named Rue.

“He does alert the neighborhood when it’s four o’clock in the morning,” Fluster said.

A day in the life of Rue includes eating bread crumbs and bird seed, waddling along the sidewalk and flying 10 feet up into a tree.

“When I pull out of my driveway, it literally walks so slow, so you can’t move your car and you have to wait for it,” Laura Gailliard said.

Gailliard lives with her husband and kids. She said her kids love Rue, but she doesn’t, especially when it wakes everyone up at four in the morning.

Gailliard called animal control to have it removed, but she was told it wasn’t possible.

“People probably like it – it’s their alarm clock – but not my kids’ alarm clock,” she said with a laugh.

It remains a mystery where the rooster came from and why it enjoys only Parkwood Street. Whether they like him or not, people call him the “neighborhood celebrity.”

NEWS10 ABC reached out to animal control and was told they only respond to domestic animals, and they would not have the proper equipment to catch it.


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