Neighbors upset Nicholaus Building forced to be torn down

SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – It did not take long for crews to take down the Nicholaus Building on State Street. And you can see, the cleanup has already begun.

It’s a building that stood the test of time. The Nicholaus Building sat on State Street in Schenectady for over a century. And then, literally overnight, it was gone.

“You’re losing history,” said Mike Welt.

Mike Welt grew up in the area. When news came yesterday that the building was coming down, he was devastated.

“We lit and moved the world with this city and it’s not like that anymore,” said Welt.

An engineering firm, who had been keeping an eye out on the aging structure since 2016, informed the city the structure posed an immediate threat to the public and needed to come down immediately.

Welt says he wish more could have been done to prevent it.

“What they’re doing to Schenectady I think is horrible. They’re changing our history, “said Welt.

All morning long, neighbors stopped by to pay their respects to the building they grew up walking past.

“It’s very historical, interesting architecture. It’s too bad it had to come down,” said neighbor Jess Petrequin.

For Billy, a Schenectady native, seeing the historic building reduced to a pile of rubble is a sore sight but one he says is the right call.

“It was going to fall over one way or the other so it’s probably a good thing they took it down before somebody got hurt. It was a nice building, but it was dangerous,” said Billy Leroux.

With the cleanup already underway, safety remains the top priority. Soon enough, another building could be built.

But for neighbors today, none of that makes it any easier.

“Goodbye building,” said Leroux.

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