Minor flooding from recent rains in Waterford

WATERFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There has been some minor flooding near the Waterford Visitor’s Center the past few days.

Water is running high where the Mohawk and the Hudson rivers meet. People who live here say they are used to it and they’ve seen a lot worse.

Cohoes Falls is roaring at the Waterford Harbor.  The walkway is underwater and moorings peek out beneath the rushing water. Water is knocking at the visitor center’s door.

“You wouldn’t want to get caught in there, ‘cause there’s no stopping it,’” Tom Reiter, of Lansingburgh, said.

Reiter calls himself a river-watcher. After 62 years of keeping a close eye on it, he has some insight on the current levels.

“It’s unusual but it’s not crazy, it’s been done before.”

In 2011, Reiter points out a marking on a bridge that shows the water level during Hurricane Irene.

Still, water has made it into basements, and people are taking precautions.

“There’s people that are sandbagging their basements now in Waterford.”

Thomas Doin is one of those people. He’s a member of the veterans of Lansingburgh, a place that’s remaining unscathed, but has been hit in the past.

“During Sandy, it was up here,” Doin said.

That puts Friday’s minor flooding into perspective and something Thomas and his neighbors will continue to take in stride.

It’s a local tradition in Waterford to mark the water level with a stick keep track of it. The hope is that those sticks will get further and further out. The rain has stopped so that’s a good sign.

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