Johnsonville family sweeping water out of basement as heavy rain hits Capital Region

JOHNSONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local woman’s basement began filling with water in Johnsonville on Thursday as the Capital Region was hit with heavy rain.

“You have to roll your pants up when you go down there,” April Wickham said.

Down in her basement, water seeped through the walls and onto the ground. With the help of her son, they swept the water into a bucket. Wickham said they have continually filled the bucket with water.

“Probably more often than I should,” she said. “Probably like three times a day.”

Wickham and her family have lived in their Johnsonville home for close to two years. One of the first things they noticed during their move were flood markers on a pole.

“There’s a couple of troubled spots in the basement that really seep up the water, and it’s just getting worse and worse,” she said.

It’s not the first time their basement has been flooded. Wickham said Thursday was one of the better times.

“It’s just so wet,” she said. “There’s nowhere to put all of the water, and it goes down to the basement.”

Once she heard about the heavy rain coming, she made sure to stack her belongings – a lesson she learned from the previous flood.

“A lot of our stuff got damaged because we didn’t have it up on shelves,” she said.

Until the rain passes, the Wickham family said they’ll have to continue to try and keep their basement dry or work on ways to improve the infrastructure of their home.

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