Risk for flooding as more rain predicted for the Capital Region

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some communities are seeing minor flooding, and it’s not over yet.

With the recent snow melt and rain, rivers and creeks like one that runs through Gloversville are running high and running fast.

It was running so high on Tuesday that it spilled into the street, closing it down. All that remained was some sand and mud. Now neighbors bracing for more rain.

Inches of water covering Bleecker Street have now receded. It was one of eight streets underwater in Gloversville when the Cayudutta Creek that feeds into the Mohawk overflowed.

“Since I’ve been here I’ve seen it almost up to the back of the garage,” Bob Jones, Gloversville resident, said.

Jones is no stranger to flooding. His backyard is saturated. His basement sump pump began spouting water Wednesday afternoon.

“That’s the first time in three years I’ve seen that.”

Next door lives Gary Comeau, who keeps a closer eye on the forecast than most after a flood washed away his backyard pool.

“If we do get the rain Thursday and Friday, I think it will come up over the bank, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Across the region, creeks are rushing. At the lock in Waterford, water is over the banks of the Erie Canal, lapping up against the visitor’s center.

Back in Gloversville, Gloversville Police Department Captain Michael Scott has a plan in place with the DPW.

“His people will be out in full force they’re checking the basins, they have barricades,” he said. “We’ll be on standby if they need to close the street to barricade them really quick.”

Really there is not a lot anyone can do except to wait and watch.

“If that water comes up this high, we’re all in trouble,” Comeau said.

South Boulevard is another street that was closed for flooding on Tuesday, and it’s at risk of flooding again.

Captain Scott says there’s no way to prevent a flood, but he advises to be sure your basement sump pump is working and your valuables are moved to higher ground.

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