Uncertainty in Albany during budget delay

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As New York continues to wait for a budget agreement, the City of Albany remains in the dark on whether or not it will receive crucial funding.

Without a budget in place, the city still doesn’t know if it will get $12.5 million of funding.

Without that money, special events like Alive at Five, which happens at Jennings Landing, might not happen.

Until there’s a state budget, the City of Albany won’t know if it will receive millions of dollars in funding.

“We don’t know that we have this funding in place to balance the 2017 budget. We’re going to continue to hold the line on costs.”

Mayor Kathy Sheehan says as of right now, the city is operating on a lower spending budget. There’s a hiring freeze and the Recreation Department won’t be able to do as much this summer.

“That is a department that from the standpoint of being able to balance the city budget, we would not be able to provide that level of service.”

Young people might miss out on job opportunities usually offered by the city.

“We’re going to have to take a hard look at whether or not we’re able to move forward with our summer youth employment program.”

Special events would suffer too. Tulip Fest will happen as of right now but other events might not.

“We’re going to have to look at whether or not Alive at Five moves forward.”

Even though the bands are sponsored, the staff comes from the city.

“The staff that we have in place we need to be able to fully fund.”

The mayor says even with these cuts to recreation and special events, the city wouldn’t come close to making up for the dollars usually set aside in the state budget and even more would need to be cut.

“Garbage pickup and public safety. And the number of police officers and firefighters we have.”

She’s cautiously optimistic a state budget will get passed and with the money Albany needs.

“Without this funding, I’m very concerned about the overall health of the city moving forward.”

Money for the city could still be in the final state budget. It is not expected to be included in an extender, which would continue critical state operations until a budget is agreed on.

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