Dozens gather for a delicious breakfast to support local fire department

HALFMOON, NY (NEWS10) – Dozens of families lined up Sunday morning to help support the Clifton Park Fire Department and enjoy some great food while they’re at it.

Making food like this ain’t easy.

“The prepping, the eggs, the bacon, the sausage. It takes a lot of work and a team effort,” said Chief Art Hunsinger.

But for Chief Art Hunsinger and his crew, this is just what they do.

“Most of the time the public sees us at their worst time. This gives us an opportunity for the public to see us and us to see them at their best time, “said Chief Hunsinger.

Once a month, from October through May, volunteers put on a breakfast and invite neighbors from the community to join in.

Proceeds go directly back to the fire station.

“Everybody’s a volunteer; nobody gets paid so we use this money to kind of do picnics, movie nights, and bowling nights. Things that we can spend that money on to give back to the volunteers for the time they give,” said Chief Hunsinger.

Now folks can help those, who help us all.

“It’s great. They are always there when we need them, so it’s nice to give back,” said Halfmoon resident Robert Bonnani.

“It’s wonderful. This is really such a nice thing they are doing for us, on top of keeping everyone safe,” said Halfmoon resident Anne Parks.

This morning, the fire crew has already responded to an overnight fire but that’s not slowing them down.

“We went out this morning at 2am for a structure fire and at 8am we’re here serving breakfast. Everybody is doing that as a volunteer,” said Chief Hunsinger.

They even managed to snag a special guest for the occasion.

“It was not hard to get the Easter Bunny to come. We offered him a little food, a little lettuce and he said I’m there,” said Chief Hunsinger.

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