High enrollment causing issues for Albany School District; working on plan for future

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – “Myers has an extraordinarily good program and my kids are doing very well there,” said James Comegys.

While James Comegys is happy about the education his kids are receiving at Stephen and Harriet Myers School, there’s one thing his girls have noticed.

“Both of my girls complain the classes are a little too full,” said Comegys.

The Albany School District says enrollment in the elementary and middle schools is up more than 26 percent since 2008 and 2009.

Based on a study conducted in 2015, they expect possibly 425 more students in 6th through 8th grades by the start of the 2025, 2026 school year.

The district has a committee set up to figure out a long-term plan to address their issues.

“To see them disrupted by shifting to a different school next year would be problematic for me,” said Comegys.

They’ve come down to two possible options. One includes converting Arbor Hill Elementary into a large middle school and converting the 50 North Lark Temporary Middle School into an elementary school.

This would leave the district with 3 middle schools. Officials say it could be more cost-effective but not offer enough room to hold all students.

The second option includes making 50 North Lark and either North Albany Academy or Arbor Hill Elementary into permanent middle school.

That’d leave the district with four middle schools. Officials say it would offer enough room to hold all students and leave room for growth but could be more expensive.

The committee has ruled out taking no action and building a new middle school. No matter what they chose the clock is ticking with hopes of figuring a plan by the spring.

Though for Comegys, no matter what happens, it won’t be the end all.


“Each year they’re gonna be in a different situation, a different peer group so you know changes are something we all have to deal with,” said Comegys.

The committee’s next meeting is April 24th. All member of the public are invited to attend.

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