Skiers happy about new snowfall

NORTH CREEK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – While it was mostly raining in the Capital Region on Friday, locations up north got hit by snow.

While many may not be happy about this weather, others are thrilled, especially up at Gore Mountain.

“This is a bonus, it’s awesome. It’s like February,” Anne Kearney, a skier from the Syracuse area, said.

While the calendar says it’s the last day of March, outside it’s looking more like February in the Adirondacks.

Some spring snow is giving skiers like Kearney and Mary Springston a reason to hit the slopes.

“We’re planning on cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, you know every minute that we can,” Springston said.

They’re making sure to take advantage of the weather while they can.

“When the snow came a couple of weeks ago and we knew it was snowing today, we said definitely, we’re gonna come to Gore. We didn’t want to miss another day,” Kearney said.

Emily Stanton, of Gore Mountain, says they already had good conditions on the runs but more snow never hurts.

“This is just gonna help their efforts along all the more so between Mother Nature and the teams that work on the mountain, we’ll be in good shape.”

That’s what Brian Roemer is hoping for, more days doing what he loves to do.

“Bring it on, that’s what I ask Mother Nature. I could ski until the end of April so if it wants to keep on snowing, a lot of people aren’t gonna like it, but I like it.”

The same goes for Kearney and Springston.

No matter the date on the calendar, if there’s still snow out there, you can be sure to find them on the slopes.

“Eventually this will end but we’re gonna savor the moment. ‘You’re not ready to put your skis away?’ No, as soon as the mountain’s closed I’ll put my skies away,” Kearney said.

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