Deadline approaching for on-time NY budget

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Time is ticking for the New York state budget to get done.

In the budget, there are a lot of big ticket items still waiting to get sorted out like ride sharing, free college tuition, and water infrastructure.

There has definitely been less action than we’re used to when we’re getting this close to a deadline.

With less than eight hours until midnight and an on-time budget, both the Senate and the Assembly are just now starting for the day.

There is a little bit of frustration and a lot of uncertainty.

“I knew it was dysfunctional before I was elected but really living it and seeing it first hand it’s not good,” Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R-Ballston) said.

“It’s not like the budget deadline is a surprise. They know this date is coming,” Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R-Melrose) said.

“They’re close on agreements on a few of those things but nothing has really come out,” Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Amsterdam) said.

“We have not been in conference yet to be fully informed on whether we have a deal or not,” Assemblyman John McDonald (D-Cohoes) said.

At this point, it’s mostly speculation on what’s happening behind closed doors on the more than $150 billion dollar state budget.

“Not a lot of real solid details. At this time of year all you get is rumors,” McLaughlin said.

“Infrastructure spending obviously everybody has been fully supportive of infrastructure spending,” McDonald said.

“Direct care funding for fair wages for our direct care workers,” Santabarbara said.

“I’ve heard that there’s some type of agreement that’s been reached in ridesharing,” Walsh said.

Local lawmakers gearing up for a late night say what’s in their budget survival kits.

“Coffee will get me through. Although last night somebody gave me this nice big apple,” McDonald said.

“I brought a blanket, I brought a pillow, and I brought some things to read,” Walsh said.

“I have some beef jerky. I have some water,” McLaughlin said.

But still not convinced this year’s budget will be on time.

“I don’t know that we’re going to get the budget bills done by the end of the day,” Santabarbara said.

“There will be no chance that this budget is going to be on time,” McLaughlin said.

The governor was set to be part of an interfaith service on Sunday in New York City but that has been postponed citing ongoing budget negotiations.


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