Arrest made in fake money investigation in Glens Falls

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Another local police department is investigating complaints about very real-looking movie prop money.

Glens Falls Police say they have at least five cases where people tried to pass it off as real cash.

A quick glance and you might think you’re looking at $150 but these bills won’t buy you anything. It’s movie prop money and some people in Glens Falls are getting duped.

“A young man tried to use the money to buy cigarettes. He later said that he sold somebody a video game system and they gave him that money as payment,” Det. Lt. Peter Casertino said.

The most recent incident happened in a residential neighborhood at night. The suspect ordered a pizza from Glens Falls Dominos on Glen Street. The suspect used the prop money and got change in real cash. By the time the Dominos delivery driver realized, he was already back at the restaurant.

“Yes, you can buy it online. It’s not illegal to possess it, but it is illegal to use it for purchase.”

This isn’t the first time funny money has made its rounds in our area.

Back in February, the Gloversville Police Department investigated complaints involving the same type of bills that were made for the movies and make believe.

In real life, they’re giving small businesses reasons to warn their staff.

“My advice is to count it on the way back at all times. See what you got number one so you don’t mix up money and number two for cases like this,” John DeRosia, of Giavano’s Pizzeria, said.

DeRosia says they’ll be on the lookout because, in a fast paced environment, there’s no time for funny business.

“That can add up pretty quick, $50 dollars to $100.”

So far there has been one arrest in Glens Falls with more arrests pending.

The suspect charged with a misdemeanor because writing on the money indicates they are not real currency. The suspect is facing larceny and criminal simulation charges.

Police say they are investigating other cases but do not know yet if they are connected.

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