Countdown continues for an on-time NY budget

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Lawmakers in New York have just 72 hours if they want an on-time budget.

Senate Republicans argue two issues will determine if lawmakers will have an on-time budget by Friday.

“Those that commit violent crimes should be treated differently, where the point of discussions comes with all of the crimes is where should the individual enter the system,” Senator Patrick Gallivan, Chair of the Senate’s Crime and Correction committee, said.

Gallivan says both conferences are debating should those convicted enter family or criminal court and for what crimes.

“We believe that if it stays in the criminal courts and if it’s a youth part there should be the same services in family court. The state should pay for any changes, that’s our position.”

The other sticking point, the governor’s plan to offer free tuition to SUNY and CUNY students and its impact statewide.

“Making it more available to more people, increasing the ceiling, making the awards a little bit bigger. I think we can deal with the college affordability piece within the existing system,” Senator Fred Akshar said.

Askhar argues the state will need to offer more breaks to non-SUNY or CUNY students if they hope to offer free tuition.

He’s also concerned about the ongoing talks to expand ride-sharing.

“The insurance limits are really high, the taxes they want to put on are really high when you start to do things like that having ride-sharing upstate becomes unaffordable.”

Agreeing on policy is one thing, printing bills is another thing. These are just amendments from the governor’s budget proposal.

The budget is thousands of pages, which means if they want a budget deal by Friday, they’ll have to start printing tonight.”

If and when that will happen is still unclear.

Assembly Democrats remained in conference and session Wednesday and were not available for comment. They say talks are on-going on the key issues and deals have not been finalized.

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