Spring into Spring: Prepping your lawn for the nice weather

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Big snow piles can create big problems for your lawn.

They slowly melt and kill the grass underneath, but you can bounce back.

People head to nurseries like Faddegon’s in Latham to pick up their fertilizer but this year, you may need to make two trips.

“For whatever the reason, the weather is more unusual than it used to be,” Co-Owner of Faddegon’s Nursery Bob Graves said. “So we often have crabgrass germinating in the summertime, in June or July. So your crabgrass preventer applied in April would no longer be effective.”

Don’t forget there’s a blood-sucking downside, a mild winter is usually paired with more rodents.

This means you guessed it, a serious tick season.

“They are out there. I have a dog that just got ticks in the last couple of weeks even with snow on the ground.”

You probably know the standard tick protocol – wear long pants and sleeves, apply insect repellant, or you can landscape your yard in a way that repels ticks in the first place.

“People are concerned about using any type of pesticide on their lawn but when it’s a matter of your health you need to think about it carefully.”

It’s not a one and done type deal and you have to keep reseeding, keep up with fertilizer and you will have green grass back in no time.


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