Schenectady holding meeting on proposed path, sidewalk expansion

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A busy street going past two local schools could soon see improvements for pedestrians.

There’s a meeting happening tonight to discuss the more than $600,000 project that’s being proposed.

The project proposes putting in a sidewalk here on McClellan Street which passes both the high school and Zoller Elementary.

People living along this two block stretch say a safe walkway is a long time coming.

Robert Naylor has lived on McClellan for five decades.

“My neighbors in the past said here we consider you our mayor of this block.”

He says it’s scary to watch people walk along the busy road.

“And so these kids, I’m always worried that somebody is going to get run down.”

City Engineer Chris Wallin says that was a concern for him too.

“There’s quite a bit of traffic in McClellan. But there are no sidewalk amenities there are no pedestrian amenities.”

That’s why he’s pushing for a $650,000 project that would connect the high school and the elementary school with a sidewalk on one side of the road.

“It’s only two blocks but that two blocks can be quite a large distance for someone walking if it’s a small child or someone walking with a kid.”

More than half of the cost would be funded through a federal program called safe roads to schools. The remaining cost would come out of the city’s capital fund.

“What this is going to allow us to do is create a loop a sidewalk loop throughout the city.”

Those living on the side of McClellan where the sidewalk would be built would then be responsible for maintaining it.

That’s why Wallin says Tuesday’s meeting is important.

“We want to address any issues that come up and take care of them because we don’t want them to stop the project as a whole.”

Naylor says he plans to go and listen to what his neighbors have to say but he still supports the idea.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time because it’s very difficult for older people but much younger people to walk along this block.”

There’s also an education aspect that would come with the sidewalks funded by the school district.

A meeting is scheduled at Zoller Elementary at 6:30 p.m.

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