Man sentenced in animal neglect case

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A two-year-long investigation into a horse abuse case has come to a close.

A judge sentenced Duane Carpenter to eight months of weekends in jail on Tuesday.

“I feel really bad for the animals you know that’s what’s tough is they’re the ones who have suffered,” Mary Wright, a neighbor, said.

Twelve horses Suffered here in a pasture in Greenfield riddled with barbed wire, fence posts and a pool ladder sticking out of the ground…and according to Saratoga County District Attorney

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen says there was no available water for them to drink.

“As much as he may have said he loved them, didn’t really show it,” Wright said.

Carpenter was convicted of the improper care of the horses.

“I just hope justice has been served. I don’t know if they appeal I don’t know what happens then we start all over?”

Carpenter says he’s innocent and will appeal the decision his attorney spoke on his behalf.

“In short order to address what we believe are inconsistencies in the jury verdict,” Philip Ackerman, attorney for Carpenter, said.

Carpenter was previously convicted of two other animal cruelty charges. The former owner of the horses, his sister Ann Arnold, was convicted of abusing more than 12 horses. She was arrested again in June involving the care of a horse in Fultonville.

Heggen says justice was served the day the horses were removed from Carpenters property in 2015.

“All of those horses that were experiencing these terrible conditions on that property have been placed in other locals away from Mr. Carpenter and his family,” Heggen said. “The animals are entities that don’t have someone to speak up for them. Their needs to be someone who stands and says this is wrong.”

The judge said that Carpenter still owes more than $3,000 from his last conviction of restitution. For this conviction, he will have to pay more than $1,000.

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