New bio-tech lab opens at Schenectady County Community College

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Schenectady County Community College (SCCC) unveiled their new state of the art biotechnology lab.

An entire floor that used to be just used for storage here at SCCC has been transformed into a cutting-edge biotechnology lab filled with high-tech equipment.

It’s the same equipment students will be using once the students enter the field as employees.

“Stuff you probably see on CSI,” SCCC Professor Dr. Keylon Cheesman said.

A 3,800 square foot and $1.2 million facility, providing a new opportunity for students like Hayden Paneth.

“So this room has brought my dreams to reality where I can actually conduct research here,” Paneth said.

The Brooklyn native says the new biotechnology lab and research facility will give her the skills she needs to pursue her passion for cancer research.

“Discovering why and how and how I can help people?”

The new lab comes with two new degree programs, giving students the groundwork to move on to a four-year school or dive right into a career, using the exact same technology found in the lab.

“As a teacher, I believe that touching things and working collaboratively helps to retain information.”

Dr. Cheeseman says it all adds up to changing the world in a positive way.

“So insulin is a good example of using biotechnology to produce something that is useful for individuals who are suffering.”

That’s the kind of difference that Paneth wants to make, after getting her two-year degree she’ll transfer schools and work toward her Ph.D. but she won’t forget what paved the way.

The job outlook for the biotechnology field is looking up. The starting salary for most positions is more than $40,000.

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