Landfill to be transformed into solar farm

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Saratoga Springs garbage transfer station is still very much in use but its landfill hasn’t been operational for decades and now the city says that they have new plans for it.

Once the city’s place to dump trash is now becoming a small treasure.

The former Saratoga landfill off Weibel Avenue is about to be transformed into a massive solar array, one that will power 40 percent of the city’s utilities by this summer.

“The heat here for city hall,  the casino that we use for events weddings, and eventually, we may be able to use it to power the water pumps.”

Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan says the idea first came to her from a local non-profit back in 2012 and it will cost the city nothing. It will be financed by a grant from New York’s Cleaner Greener Community programs.

In fact, Madigan anticipates savings for taxpayers.

“We estimate anywhere from 100 thousand dollars a year plus and that’s a lot for a city our size.”

So how do people feel about the dump turned green space?

“Sounds like it would be a good idea.”

“They’re moving in the right direction with protection or being more green.”

“We want to be good community members too we want to have a nice carbon footprint for the community of Saratoga Springs.”

The project is slated to start construction April 5th and be up and running by July.

The city says that they already have other solar projects currently in the works including some that could be residential.

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