Home destroyed by fire in Florida, NY

FLORIDA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Fire investigators are looking into what sparked the flames that tore through a house in Montgomery County early Tuesday morning.

The house went up in flames sometime around 5 a.m.

Hours later it’s still smoldering.

Firefighters say the two-story house collapsed into the basement with the tin roof lying on top trapping the heat inside.

Right now, they’re waiting for an excavator to come in and remove it so they can fully extinguish the fire.

“The heat was very intense,” Asst. Chief Les Bramer said. “We were probably about 30-40 feet from the building and it was just pushing us right back.”

Firefighters say it was the paper boy who spotted the flames along his route.

By the time crews arrived at 352 McDougall road, fire officials say the house was already a total loss.

“When I got here, I was one of the first units on scene and it was fully involved. We had reports of people possibly in there.”

A fire investigator says the two brothers who owned the house were, in fact, able to escape.

He says they’re retired dairy farmers in their 70s and that the two of them actually lived in one of the smaller buildings in the backyard.

“It was a 2 story brick building old farm house with two out buildings out back and everything is all gone.”

Eight different fire companies responded with upwards of 50 firefighters battling the flames at one point.

They tell me the flames started to spread to trees surrounding the property and a couple of cars sitting in the yard caught fire.

Crews were pulling water from nearby ponds because of the lack of hydrants.

The two brothers who lived here are now staying with relatives.

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