Snow still covering parking spots in city of Troy; locals upset

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – “I’m over 60 and I can hardly get out of this house, “said Viola Stevens.

So Viola Stevens isn’t thrilled to see snow covering the parking spots in front of her home, four days after the blizzard.

“It’s not right, it is wrong, especially when you are paying your taxes and nobody can come to help you,” said Stevens.

The city of Troy put up a sign saying no parking from 8am to 4pm Saturday. By the end of the day, the sign was gone and the spots were still not plowed.

“They did not come, “said Stevens.

“She’s lived here over 40 years and not one person came out to plow this area, “said Felecia Paris.

Stevens’ daughter, Felicia Paris, had to park around the corner to visit her mom. And it wasn’t for just any old visit, but for her mom’s birthday party.

“She turned 79 today, sorry mom, but she did. She drives and she can’t park here. How do you expect a 79-year-old to park far away to walk home?”, said Paris.

And as Stevens’ daughter, Paris doesn’t like what’s happening.

“She needs to be able to get out of her car and go right into the house, not walk from around the corner, not walk from up the street,” said Paris.

But living in Troy herself, she says she’s not surprised.

“The roads are always messy. When it snows, we get neglected,” said Paris.

And though she’s hoping for the best…

“I doubt it they’ll come tomorrow,” said Paris.

Her mom feels the same.

“I’m hoping but they’re not going to come. They’re not coming. They always promise and don’t come,” said Stevens.

News10ABC did reach out to the city about these parking spots and the signs asking people not to park here on Saturday but have not heard back at this time.

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