Sen. Sanders meets with high school students in Bennington

BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders returned to his home state of Vermont on Friday for a handful of events.

He stopped by a local high school with a similar message from his campaign, explaining how the middle-class is being short-changed and why the country needs to pay attention to changes in healthcare.

Sen. Sanders told high school students that he doesn’t see them as irresponsible teenagers, but our country’s future.

“Don’t sit back and complain and say this is terrible, somebody is doing something terrible to me, you have the power to make things happen,” Sen. Sanders said.

Sen. Sanders challenged the Mount Anthony students to start paying attention to the world around them and challenge society, including their very own teachers.

“Respect people who have different points of view, but start thinking about the issues, starting going into your own mind and say what are the issues that affect Bennington, Vermont, the United States and in fact the world.”

Sen. Sanders says don’t think that you have to be a U.S Senator to get things done.

“It’s just people coming together, ordinary people sitting around and saying alright,  what’s going well with the schools, what’s not going well with the schools. ”

In total from the time he walked through the door, to the time he walked off the stage, Senator Sanders was here for about 45 minutes, but it was long enough to make an impression on AJ Wright.

“It’s just about what he said. It’s important that he was here and me being able to see him talk. It’s realizing that he’s just a person like any of us and that we can do what he’s doing and we have the power to change everything,” AJ Wright, Mount Anthony Union High School Student, said.

Wright says Sanders left him inspired.

“Being inclusive like he talked about today is the most important part.”

Providing a lesson Wright says he and his fellow classmates can carry with them for their years beyond the classroom.

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