Cars at local dealerships buried from blizzard

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you thought cleaning off your car after this storm was hard, imagine doing it for a whole bunch of them.

That’s what a snowstorm means for car dealers, including DeNooyer Chevrolet in Colonie.

“From selling cars and helping customers find the right vehicle to finding the cars, out in this snow, it’s quite the trip,” Ryan Rocheleau, a Sales Professional at Denooyer Chevrolet, said.

And finding cars in this lot is only half the battle.  Getting them dug is another matter. Most of the cars were brushed off on Wednesday and on Thursday, it’s all about moving the snow.

“Alright, here’s what we got next guys, we’re just gonna move this row,” Sales Manager Randy Raymond said.

Raymond describes the method behind the madness.

“What they’re doing now is clearing out these rows, once those are clear, we move the next row of cars back”

And then rinse and repeat.  Over 1,100 cars between three lots have to be dug out, moved and then moved back again.

It’s a herculean effort, but one the folks at DeNooyer Chevrolet are ready for.

Lot Attendant Mark Burke has helped plow the snow before, but he’s never seen anything like this.

“I mean 30 inches is pretty crazy.  It gets tough sometimes. We have a lot of snow and really not a whole lot of places to put it,” Burke said.

Everyone from all departments come together to help get the job done.

“All the sales people, when they’re out here, they’re not selling cars, but the thing is, we gotta get it done.”

They’ll all be happy when the job’s done and they can get back to selling cars.

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