Woman moves to Hudson from Mississippi one day before blizzard hits

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  The dig out is well under-way in Hudson where well over two-feet of snow hit the ground.

A state of emergency is still in effect here until midnight.

Everyone was hunkered down inside staying warm and waiting out the storm on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the town is back alive and people from all walks of life are ready to get back to their lives.

Dag Larson visiting the United States from his home in Norway.

His plan was to bike his way up to Vancouver to visit his daughter but mother nature had other plans.

Now he’s waiting out the snow here in Hudson, making the most of the situation.

“We are helping shovel out cars, making some money, having a fun time,” Larson said.

Going from street to street, digging out cars, and meeting new friends.

“Oh it’s a nice town, very nice houses and nice people.”

Meanwhile, Hannah Saulters just moved to the Hudson area one day before the storm hit.

The Mississippi native has never seen anything like this before.

“I’ve seen dry snow before in the Southwest but this is a completely different animal. This is a lot colder and a lot more water on the ground,” Saulters said.

She still hasn’t even been able to get into her new place. Instead she’s staying at a nearby hotel with her mom until the roads clear up.

“I’m hoping to be in my apartment by the end of the week.”

For both Dag and Hannah this is one storm neither will forget.

“Been a fun bounding experience just hanging out in the lobby with everyone else who is snowbound.”

“I’ll tell this story to all my friends for many years.”

There a strict parking policy in place where no one should be parking in the streets around Hudson that have signs up until after they are plowed and the signs are removed.

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