Rare snow emergency issued for Troy to help clean up the snow

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The City of Troy has issued a snow emergency to help crews clear that city’s streets.

Troy residents living on designated streets have until 8 a.m. Thursday to move their vehicles to the even side of their street. Twenty-four hours later people will have to move to the odd side. If you don’t do that, you risk getting your car towed.

Troy’s snow-choked streets and thoroughfares had residents digging out and pushing out.

It’s also proved that the kindness of strangers does exist.

A gentleman’s bus was caught waiting behind the vehicle, so he decided to pitch in.

“We got it out so that’s all that matters.”

Blizzard 2017 has placed the Collar City in a choke hold. The streets so bad, this woman had this to say about the clean up so far.

“Troy’s disgusting. Get on it!”

Troy typically avoids issuing snow emergencies, but Mayor Patrick Madden says this storm took the need for snow removal to a whole new level.

“Some of our equipment isn’t capable of moving this much snow,” Mayor Patrick Madden said. “The smaller trucks that we use on the narrower streets are having a difficult time moving the snow along and it became apparent this morning that we needed to do this.”

The snow removal targets designated streets, which are listed on the city’s website.

The site also lists public garages where people can temporarily park for free while the streets are being cleared of snow.

“We want to target busy streets, areas that get choked up,” Mayor Madden said.

One thing we wanted to ask the mayor about, was why people were trying to “reserve” their spots.

“It’s kind of a Troy tradition,” Mayor Madden said. “People work hard to clear these spots and they want to save them.”

The Mayor says it’s definitely not legal and he’s hoping that this snow emergency and cleanup will get rid of the need for things like these.

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