Pittsfield digs out after historic blizzard

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – On Tuesday, North Street in Pittsfield was a ghost town. White-out conditions with whipping winds and snow kept everyone inside.

On Wednesday, it’s a different scene entirely.

Snow plows are on the roads, cleaning things up around Pittsfield, but people have been out with their shovels and snow blowers all day, doing their part in the cleanup process.

Pittsfield is covered in somewhere between two and three feet of snow. The idea is to move it all slowly and methodically, so now one gets hurt.

Some are plowing and snow blowing to earn a paycheck, and some people just want to be helpful. Either way, people in Pittsfield are facing the job of snow removal head-on.

‘Take your time. Be safe. It’s a lot of snow,” says Thomas Allen, who snow plowed even while the snow was still falling on Wednesday. “You don’t need to get it done in a hurry. Just take your time and get it done over a period of time. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Mike White helped out by shoveling snow for his elderly neighbors.

“A lot of older people couldn’t get out,” said White. “And people are struggling to get their cars out. We are helping everybody.”

When asked why he felt like he needed to help his neighbors, White says it’s because everyone helps everyone else.

“It’s a family thing, you know,” he said.

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