Blizzard provides perfect sledding weather

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Thanks to Mother Nature delivering all this snow, it looks like ski and snow season is going to continue a little longer.

We had near 70 degrees a few week ago and now some spots picked up more than two-feet of snow.

“I like it though, it’s the northeast,” Amy Hershberg, a mother, said.

A late winter helping that had this Bethlehem mom and her kids outside for their second snow day.

“Yesterday was basically a stay inside and play games and watch TV day. We wanted to get out and do something.”

So they spent the day sledding.

“It’s fun going down, but like it’s really heavy coming up, it’s hard,” Eamonn Hayes, a 7th grader, said.

“It’s my exercise for the day,” Hershberg said.

Kids of all ages braved the wind to enjoy time on the hill thanks to Mother Nature’s present.


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