A local diner brings respite from cold, snow during blizzard

LEE, Mass. (NEWS10) – It may be depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting, but for the people of Lee, it was a place to get warm from the brutal storm.

“I spent a lot of time trying not to be mad at God,” David Herring, of Lenox, said. “I was fighting that temptation to say, ‘This is all your fault.’”

The super storm did not sit well with Herring, so his only respite from the weather was to make a stop at Joe’s Diner. Not just because Norman Rockwell used it as a work of art in his famous painting, but for another work of art – berry pie.

There’s also the company that is always ready with a warm embrace.

“Everybody lets you feel invited, like, you just feel welcome,” Joe’s Diner manager Shelly Swindell said.

Mike Lee is a regular. He had already finished his Shepard’s pie but stayed to experience the comforting feeling and connection Joe’s brings. He and Swindell talked about the snow.

And Swindell has an art form all her own aside from loving people. She made NEWS10 ABC reporter Lindsay Nielsen feel at home while describing the unique snow sculptures she taught herself how to make.

Storm or no storm, it’s the people that cross paths – not on their phones distracted – but face-to-face at a counter enjoying life and human connection.

“You see new people all the time,” Swindell said. “You meet new people from everywhere. Everywhere.”

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