Pittsfield getting ready for big snow storm ahead

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – As the Capital Region braces for a big snow storm, people in Pittsfield are stocking up before they hunker down.

Jeff Howes is the fleet manager for the Department of Public Works in Pittsfield. With the big storm looming, he and his guys are ready to rock.

“We went through all the lights today, check the fluids; make sure everything is operational,” he said. “It’s a whole process. Everyone chips in.”

Though some thought spring was finally on its way, others said they knew better.

“Honestly, we live in the Berkshires,” Marckini said. “It’s to be expected.”

Some embraced it and swung by the grocery store to stock up.

“I need celery for my chicken soup because we are all going to be bunkered in tomorrow,” Karen Cedar said.

Others remained unimpressed.

“Whatever, I still have to work tomorrow,” Horton said.

But whatever you have planned for Tuesday, might as well embrace it.

“You have to be well-prepared, dress warmly,” Cedar said. “You have to have a good vehicle if you’re going to do any driving. But just stay home if it’s gonna be bad.”

“Bring it on,” Marckini said.

The plows and salt trucks will be hitting the road at 3 a.m.

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