Investigation continues into pair accused of dumping body in a suitcase in Arkansas

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Johnstown Police say they’re currently waiting on phone calls from Arkansas authorities and could have an update on this investigation soon.

For now, both Virginia Colvin and Michael Stivers remain in jail.

According to the Prairie County Jail in Arkansas, 56-year-old Virginia Colvin remains there on $100,000 bond, and her accused accomplice Michael Stivers are being held on around $122,000 bond at the Lonoke County jail in Arkansas.

The pair, according to Johnstown Police, were caretakers to an elderly man at this home on North Perry Street where the three lived, police say they believe the elderly man around 89 years old may have died of natural causes.

Police they say Colvin and Stivers transported his dead body in a suitcase to Arkansas and dumped it at a minnow farm. Johnstown Police say Colvin originally met the elderly man when they lived in the same apartment building in Gloversville.

NEW10 ABC’S Lindsay Nielsen went to some addresses there once listed to Colvin but no one seemed to know of her or Stivers.

Police say both are originally from Arkansas.

Johnstown Police say the man’s body was discovered by someone in Arkansas because the pair were allegedly selling furniture and other items out of their pickup truck and the body, according To Police, was in a suitcase in the back of the truck with the for sale items.

Police have yet to identify the elderly man and plan to review his financial and personal documents after issuing subpoenas last week.

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