Students, parents question racial profiling survey distributed at Hudson HS

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Students and parents are up in arms over a survey local high schoolers recently completed.

The survey asked students to answer questions about racial profiling, but some students said they didn’t like the choices they were given.

Thomas Holmes is a senior at Hudson High School. He told the principal he didn’t want to take the survey.

“He said there’s nothing he can do about it because it’s a survey,” Holmes said.

“The only way you could answer it was, like, that you’re looking to be racist,” Holmes said of the survey.

The first survey was three pages long. It asked questions such as “A Latino man, a black man, and a white man commit the same crime on different dates. Who do you think is getting the longest sentence?

It’s followed by the choices of a black man, a white man, or a Latino man.

A mother told NEWS10 ABC the choices forces students to pick a race.

“It kind of makes them pick and choose against one or the other, so we kind of found it wrong to be asking them questions like that,” Crystal Farewell said.

The second survey was about Pres. Donald Trump. One of the questions asked “Should Donald Trump be impeached?” The answer choices were yes, no, and “option 3.”

“You should have a right to what you want to answer and what you don’t want to answer,” Holmes said.

Holmes said he still hasn’t filled out the survey, and so far, there haven’t been any consequences.

“I just kind of want a response on what they intend – what their thoughts are on it because why they put it out, what they hope to accomplish from it because I really don’t see a point in it,” Farewell said.

NEWS10 reached out to the school by phone and e-mail, but did not receive a response.

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