Police provide new details in shooting death of Amsterdam man

L-R: Raymond Matros, Christopher Malave Jr., Anthony Matros

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Three people are now being charged with 2nd-degree murder after police say they shot and killed an Amsterdam man early Thursday Morning.

“As you can see a brand new door was put on to this apartment building where a man was shot and killed early Thursday morning,” Chief Greg Culick said.

Details continue to emerge about what exactly happened around 3 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police say this man, 23-year-old Alex Martuscello, was shot and killed on the porch of Glen Avenue apartment building.

Police released the names of the three men they say are behind the shooting on Thursday.

Raymond Matros, 18, his 16-year-old brother Anthony Matros, along with Christopher Malave Jr. all now charged with 2nd-degree murder.

Police believe it was Raymond who pulled the trigger. The 12-gage shotgun recovered in a nearby pile of wood.

“These kids, after this happened, they wanted to get out of town quick and they didn’t want to be seen running through town with a shotgun so they hid it under a neighbor’s pile of lumber.”

Amsterdam Police are not sure whether Martuscello was the intended victim, or if these suspects were targeting someone else.

Either way, they are calling this a tragedy for all involved.

“Standing by their friend thinking this will be a neat thing we’ll stand by our friend and put the fear of God into them and it went horribly array.”

“Absolutely sickening tragedy for all of us. Again, kids killing kids. Teenagers killing somebody who just came out of their teens. An absolute senseless homicide.”

The three suspects now being held in the Montgomery County Jail they are awaiting grand jury indictments.

Full Press Conference:

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