Police looking for person selling marijuana on local Facebook garage sale group

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is trying to track down who posted marijuana for sale on a local social media site.

They have like everything on Queensbury Online Garage Sale, everything including alleged marijuana for sale.

A total of 31 strains of the drug was advertised and posted on the popular local Facebook group for $230.

The post caught the attention of many of the group’s users who sent a screen shot to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s against the law to sell marijuana its against the law to do it online so naturally it attracted a lot of attention,” Warren County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Steven Stockdale said.

Even more concerning, the seller’s location was listed in Philadelphia.

“Most people don’t need to go online and seek a marijuana dealer. There are so many scams in place right now, everything that’s online needs to be reviewed with a very jaundiced eye.”

The post has been removed, but the Warren County Sheriff’s narcotics unit is investigating who may have put the information out there.

If found in our area, they could face drug charges.

“Thousands of people probably access that site and see the information on there.”

“There’s a lot of young Facebook users that would probably see that and be like oh that’s quick easy access to something that they shouldn’t have access to at all so yeah that does kind of worry me,” Hannah Hutter, of South Glens Falls, said.

Anyone with information as to who may have created this post is asked to contact the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at (518)-743-2500.

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