Police find two children, 31 animals in ‘deplorable and unsafe’ home

Credit: Hogansville Police Department

HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (WRBL) Officers describe it was the worst and most disgusting case they had ever seen.

A two-year-old toddler and seven-month-old baby are now in protective custody waiting for health reports after Hogansville police found them in a home “deplorable and completely unsafe for habitation.” A report also says there were more than 30 animals living in and around the home.

Hogansville Police Sargent Jeff Sheppard calls the home “hard to describe”.

Credit: Hogansville Police Department


“You couldn’t even tell where the floor ended and the feces began,” Sheppard says. “[This case] is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Sheppard says Housing Code Enforcement was anonymously tipped to a home and camper in the 4700 block of Mountville-Hogansville Road. Inspectors went to the home Monday at about 4 p.m. and later requested help from Hogansville Public Works, LaGrange Animal Control, Troup County Marshals and Fire Departments.

Sheppard says investigators needed air tanks and protective clothing to make it through the home. When they got inside, they found floors drowning in trash, vomit, and feces. Sheppard calls the ammonia gasses coming from the home “suffocating.”

On top of the hoards of waste, Sheppard says one hallway was coated in thousands of spiders. He says their webs completely covered the walls, ceiling, and floor. He adds the spiders even invaded the area where the two-year-old and seven-month-old slept.

Investigators report finding 31 animals inside and near the home — five dogs, multiple cats, seven chickens, a pot-bellied pig, rabbits, hamsters, and rats everywhere. A report says it took until midnight to clear them all off the property.

Sheppard says the children were immediately taken away by the Department of Family Children Services for health checks.

Top: Grandparents – Brandi Pybus-McCoy [L] and Nicholas Luciano. Bottom: Parents – Eamantha Crain [L] and Zachariah McCoy (Credit: Hogansville Police Department)

A news release says Hogansville police later returned to the house with warrants for the children’s grandparents — 41-year-old Brandi Pybus-McCoy and 29-year-old Nicholas Luciano. The Hogansville residents now face charges for two counts of cruelty to children in the first-degree, two counts cruelty to animals in the first degree and unlawful dumping of human waste.

The children’s parents 22-year-old Eamantha Crain and 22-year-old Zachariah McCoy turned themselves on Wednesday and face similar charges for cruelty to children, deprivation of a minor, and unlawful dumping of human waste.

Police say more charges are on the way depending on the health results for the children and all the animals.

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