Police arrest 3 people accused in fatal shooting on Glen Avenue in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police arrested three people they say shot and killed a man in Amsterdam early Thursday morning.

Police are still investigating the scene on Glen Avenue.

Credit: Alex Martuscello/Facebook

Police say when they arrived, they found Alex Martuscello, 23, shot to death just beyond the front door of his apartment.

All day long investigators have been trying to piece together what happened.

“We are talking to a lot of people, we are following leads. We have a lot of assistance right now so hopefully, it will be a short, timely investigation.”

A forensic unit, dressed in white suits, has been in and out of the house collecting evidence.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam detectives have knocked on doors around the neighborhood, talking to anyone who may be able to lead them in the right direction.

K-9 units search for clues, as worried neighbors look on.

Neighbors also describing the scene early Thursday morning.

“Oh, I was sound asleep. Then that boom. That loud sound woke me up,” Deborah Barkavich said.  “Craziness, you never know anymore.”

“Especially with the school so close,” Brenda Hopkins said.

Lynch Middle School isn’t even half a mile away from the scene and kids from around the neighborhood often walk right past this street to get to school.

“It’s really close to my house,” Edward Taglialatela said. “What if my kid was right out in the middle playing you know? Could have happened to any of my kids.”

Edward has six kids, the youngest of which goes to the preschool nearby. Her bus stop is only a block away from the spot of the shooting.

“I don’t really want my kids to be around crime at all.”

So when something like this happens, it makes him think twice about sending his kids outside.

“You don’t want to think about your neighborhood being that unsafe but unfortunately that’s what life has become,” Taglialatela said. “I usually lock my doors early at night anyway but yeah probably as soon as my kids come home I’m going to say just lock the doors behind you.”

Police believe it was a targeted shooting and no one else is in danger.

Three suspects were arraigned in Amsterdam City Court Thursday evening. All three are from Amsterdam, and all three were charged with Second Degree Murder.

One of the suspects is 16 years old.

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