Local rally held for International Women’s Day

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There was a sea of red in a show of solidarity for women on Wednesday at Townsend Park. More than 150 people came out in support of women at the event.

An international movement left its mark in the Capital Region as women descend on Townsend Park in demand of equality.

“We want to make people very aware that women have rights that we have a right to be safe, free from violence we have a right to control our own bodies,” Barbara Smith, of International Women’s Strike, said.  “We definitely have a right to be paid equally.”

It’s all in support of International Women’s Day.

Many of the women who came out, taking the day off or showing up on their lunch breaks trying to send the message of what the workplace is like without women.

“What kind of message are you hoping to send by being absent from work today,” Cristin Farley, of Albany, said. “That you need us, just as much as anybody else.”

Farley and Emma work at local hospitals.

“We are 50 percent of the population. Everything would stop if we weren’t at work, if we weren’t at home, we weren’t making the world go round,” Emma said.

It wasn’t just women here at Townsend Park, with nieces and a wife unable to make their way out today, Jim Burns came out to represent them.

“Solidarity, we have to stick together fight together. The oppression is going to get worse if we don’t fight together to keep America free,” Burns said.

While we found a handful of people against today’s movement, none of them wanted to go on camera. When we posted our live Facebook feed of the event, where many left comments speaking out against it.

For the people who came out today, they say their presence is a call for change.

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