Police: Schenectady man poured gasoline on wife, fatally injuring her, setting house on fire

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Schenectady Police say Elizabeth Gonzalez died from her injuries Sunday morning at Westchester Medical Center after her husband poured gasoline on her and set her on fire Saturday.

“She is such a nice lady and it’s just, I just don’t know what to say, “said Don Reinhart, who lives in the neighborhood.

Don Reinhart is saddened to hear his neighbor was seriously injured in a fire at her home.

“She’d be out with the pit bull, I’d go over, and we’d talk a little bit,” said Reinhart.

Never once did he ever see her upset.

“I never even heard her raise her voice, you know so that’s why I’m so surprised,” said Reinhart.

The reason he’s so surprised is Schenectady Police say the woman’s husband allegedly poured gasoline on her, setting both her and their house on fire. The woman is identified as 48-year-old Elizabeth Gonzalez.

She’s suffering from burns all over her body and is being treated at Westchester Medical Center. Her husband is 71-year-old Antonio Bargallo. He turned himself in Saturday afternoon and remains in custody.


“That’s horrible”.

Like Reinhart, Adrianna Degennaro is shocked.

“This is a quiet neighborhood, you wouldn’t expect that, “said Degannaro.

Because it was so unexpected, she’s a little shaken up.

“I think I’ll just walk the other way home from the bus stop because that’s crazy,” said Degennaro.

As for Reinhart, besides never seeing any issues when Gonzalez was alone, it was the same when he saw her with her husband. But he says that doesn’t mean everything was okay between them.

“One never knows what happens when the door is closed…Things can be one way and then they’re not,” said Reinhart.

He just hopes Gonzalez pulls through. And at the same time hopes this sends a message for anyone having a dispute.

“Maybe it can be settled without burning someone up.. It’s not worth it,” said Reinhart.

Bargallo was arraigned Sunday morning on felony counts of attempted murder, first-degree assault, and fourth-degree arson. Schenectady Police say his charges will be updated now that Gonzalez has died from her injuries. Bargallo did not enter a plea Sunday, but is expected to be back in court Monday morning.

Bargallo was transferred to Schenectady County jail where he will be held without bail.

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