Strong winds cause damage, power outages across the Capital Region

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Crews are working to restore power lines that have been taken down from the high winds across the Capital Region.

“We hear them blowing at times and this was the time one came down,” Frank Palumbo said.

Palumbo says a nearly 100-foot tree crashed through his house in Gansevoort.

“I heard a loud crack and felt the house shake.”

It went right into one of his son’s rooms. Luckily, he’s away at college.

“No one was sleeping in that room because the tree went right through and rut on top of where his bed is.”

He says the damage is minor compared to everyone’s safety.

“We’ve got it a lot better than other people in other situations.”

A man just a few miles away had a large tree split his home in half.

“He said that he was very, very scared when that hit. I don’t blame him, anybody would.”

Buddy Allen runs a tree removal service and says it’s been a busy day and they have to be careful as winds continue to gust.

“It’s been real crazy. It’s just right after another and we just can’t keep up what it all,” Allen said. “We won’t stop. We’ll keep going but were going to be a lot more careful with what we’re doing.”

In Glenville, National Grid crews work to restore power after a tree took out these lines.

“Broke two poles and took down about a thousand feet of wire and wrecked seven transformers,” Steve Krosky said.

Krosky says it will probably take the unit, at least until midnight, to replace all of that as long as nothing else goes wrong.

“As long as trees don’t keep falling well be alright. We have to be really careful and make sure new trees don’t fall while we’re working.”

Crews won’t be moving anytime soon so if you plan to take this section of Route 50 anytime Thursday night. You’ll want to find a different way to go.

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